There are numerous things that best describe the bionic police detective's pre-teen niece: Precocious, intelligent, resourceful, brave, knowledgeable, (rather cute), and masterful in both technology and investigation.
Penny's computer book

Penny's computer book.

Penny also comes extremely well prepared, with a computer book (essentially a computer that is disguised as a book) that is equipped with all the goodies she needs to get out of harm's way, save her uncle Gadget from certain death, and of course, fight the purely evil forces of Dr. Claw and his M.A.D henchpeople, albeit anonymously.


Penny's watch

And the same can pretty much be said for her utility wristwatch, of which she mostly uses to contact her equally intelligent canine companion Brain, usually after she is captured by enemy agents after meddling and requires help afterwards, or to get the lowdown on the situation from him.

In spite of all this, Penny always lets her beloved, yet bumbling uncle take the credit after all the madness is at end.

In short, if it hadn't been for the little super genius sleuth in question, Dr. Claw's chances of achieving world domination or vast wealth would've been very high indeed, plus her uncle would've been a dead duck. This little girl is just too cool for school.

Penny's Look Out theme01:39

Penny's Look Out theme

Penny's Look Out theme (Remixed)02:50

Penny's Look Out theme (Remixed)

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