What is Gadget? (Part 3)

We have stepped through the veil of the unknown, now it is time to talk more about his natural processes.


Despite his superhuman feats, he is capable of dying. Here's a list of the potential dangers to his health:

  • Drowning
  • Disassembly
  • Suffocation
  • Starvation
  • Hyperthermia, alternatively, Hypothermia
  • Rusting
  • Blunt force trauma
  • Illness

What this reveals about Gadget:

Somehow, even with all of his mechanical functions, he has blood flow in his body (seen in Gadget in Minimadness, when his finger swelled up after it was stuck in the window part of the Gadgetmobile's door), and fully functioning human lungs. He is seen becoming hungry, but he can go a whole day - maybe longer - without it impairing him too much or complaining about it. Witnessed in No Flies on Us, he is capable of contracting diseases; in order for this to be possible he has to have blood and organs (Later, in the post-episode lesson, he is being vaccinated.), not to mention he had a head cold during the episode. In Health Spa, his skin reddens due to the rapidly increasing temperatures of the sauna, and he comes to the brink of passing out. He can blush, so there is at least blood flow in his hands/gloves and face.

Unlike in the sequel show, Inspector Gadget still has flesh arms and legs before the extensions. Later on, then, he seems to have gone through upgrades. Of which, have made him far more mechanical - and he has more gadgets than he ever had in the original. The inspector during this phase of his life, may have been in the first or second stage of whatever made him the cyborg he is. I don't recall the gadgets malfunctioning too much in sequel. In fact, the episode, The General's Daughter, revealed that he can become infatuated, but most importantly, his gadgets are connected to his emotions and act out when he has a crush (It seems like it makes the gadgets want to crush Nozzaire.).

(Distracted side note: The gadgets when controlled without the command don't seem to malfunction as often as when they are activated via voice command. When the command is misinterpreted it would usually result in the roller skates or the wrong finger being activated. Love, that complicated strand of chemicals and pheromones, make his gadgets screwy due to his brain having a lot more going on in it than usual. It probably makes them overload. Aside from love, the Gadget-Mallet tends to show up a lot in the original as a from of instinct or reflex when Gadget summons a gadget while he is in immediate danger from a MAD agent or something on the lines of that.)

That's all for today, I likely won't come back until I have made sure to have seen every episode (sometimes, they are hard to find!), and when I finally hit Summer break.

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