• Dragowl47

    We have stepped through the veil of the unknown, now it is time to talk more about his natural processes.

    Despite his superhuman feats, he is capable of dying. Here's a list of the potential dangers to his health:

    • Drowning
    • Disassembly
    • Suffocation
    • Starvation
    • Hyperthermia, alternatively, Hypothermia
    • Rusting
    • Blunt force trauma
    • Illness

    Somehow, even with all of his mechanical functions, he has blood flow in his body (seen in Gadget in Minimadness, when his finger swelled up after it was stuck in the window part of the Gadgetmobile's door), and fully functioning human lungs. He is seen becoming hungry, but he can go a whole day - maybe longer - without it impairing him too much or complaining about it. Witnessed in No Flies on Us, he is capable of contracti…

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  • Dragowl47

    In King Wrong, Penny buys the inspector a new tie for his birthday. She comments that he is very picky about his ties, so much so that she brought him to the shop with her. (Would he be able to use the Gadget-Lasso without his usual tie?)

    His gets cut, busted, ripped, and so on during a good handful of his ventures. He usually packs extras when he travels (this mosly regards to when he goes by plane). In Seine, he has a coat taylored for him and he tries to buy an identical coat from Brain. When Gadget uses the coat he bought from the MAD stylist, it performs just as well as his normal ones. Why would a member of MAD go through so much effort to make an identical coat? Did he need to, or does Gadgets presence cause the coat to 'hook-up' with hi…

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  • Dragowl47

    I am here to answer the question we all might've asked ourselves: What is Inspector Gadget? I have decided to rewatch the original series and related sisters of the show and I have found some things that are quite confusing to process. Due to this, I have chose to create these blog posts. They should be able to shed some light on the matter.

    We all know that Gadget is a cyborg of some kind, Penny is proof of that - since she is noticably human in comparision. From the spin-off educational Inspector Gadget show: Field Trip Starring Inspector Gadget, the first episode (Australia - Aussie Animals) involves Gadget informing the viewer of Australian mammals. Once he reaches the koalas, he makes a comment about having a steel stomach when he disc…

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