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Season {{{season}}}, Episode 57
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Unhenged is the 57th episode of Inspector Gadget.


While working on a solar system that ends up with a disaster from Gadget Skates, Gadget receives another assignment from Chief Quimby: The scientists have been reported disappearing while working on a solar project in Stonehenge and he has to find them. After arriving in a English village, Penny sees several druids. At a roadside, a M.A.D. agent named Pete attempts to trap Gadget in the mud, but this backfires due to Brain's interference. After arriving at the village, Gadget visits a bar where he encounters Pete again and meets Dr. Flashpen who is still yet to be kidnapped. Pete warns everyone about the druids haunting Stonehenge. Dr. Flashpen doesn't believe and, after leaving the bar, he's kidnapped by druids. Pete still tries to get rid of Gadget by blowing up his bed, but luckily, Gadget wasn't in his room at the moment. Penny arrives at Stonehenge where the druids have taken Dr. Flashpen, but the druids capture her. While getting captured, Penny managed to call Brain who goes to Stonehenge for the rescue. Brain crashes into a tent and gets his face covered in shaving cream. Seeing the druids guarding Penny, Brain pretends to be a mad dog to scare them away. Even though Brain rescued Penny, they both are still in trouble as the druids have figured out that they've been tricked. The druids chase Penny and Brain to a forest. Penny and Brain hide in a tree and then realize that the druids are M.A.D. agents after hearing them mentioning Dr. Claw. The next morning, Penny and Brain see Dr. Flashpen and the other kidnapped scientists finishing building a huge machine. Pete and the other M.A.D. agents have tricked the scientists that the machine is for a secret government project. The machine is brought to Stonehenge. The machine is solar powered and M.A.D. intends to use it to destroy the Tower of London. After figuring out that they've been tricked, the scientists are tied up, as well as Gadget. Brain frees them while Penny destroys the machine. Chief Quimby then arrives in the nick of time to put the M.A.D. agents into custody.

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