"You lumberjacks lead such romantic lives!"
―Gadget admiring Pierre LeChop's lumber mill
Tree Guesses
Season 1, Episode 60
Air date December 1, 1983 (US)
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Tree Guesses is the 60th episode of Inspector Gadget.


Dr. Claw has concocted a chemical compound that decomposes wood at an accelerated rate, which he threatens to unleash upon the world's forests in exchange for a hefty ransom.

Claw's lumberjack agents, Pierre LeChop and Sven Svensen, must elude the Gadget clan while trying to get the diabolical catalyst out of the Canadian national park where our heroes happen to be vacationing and taking off in their crop dusting plane in order to spray the verdant forest down to a barren wasteland.

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Tree Guesses (Full Episode)

Tree Guesses (Full Episode)