Gadget 2.0
Season 1, Episode 2
TT episode 2
Air date March 27, 2015(US)
February 3 2015
Written by Doug Hadders & Adam Rotstein
Directed by William Gordon & Phillip Stam
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Gadget 2.0
Game Over, Man!

Towering Towers is the second episode of Inspector Gadget (2015 TV Series).


Dr. Claw is plotting to take over a large skyscraper and use it to gain control of all of Earth's global communication satellites. Gadget and Penny are assigned to stop his diabolical plan.


  • Talon is revealed to love Penny so much that he doesn't want to kill her.
  • Gadget has a new Go Go Gadget device : G-Portal
  • Name in Polish version is Strzelista wieża it mean Soaring tower.

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