Thelma Burr is a character in Inspector Gadget (film) She is played by Frances Bay.


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Thelma is an elderly security guard, working alongside John Brown, but mostly plays solitaire rather than taking her work seriously. While John went to have a chat with Brenda Bradford, who was leaving the lab, she teased him about his appearance before he left. After Sanford Scolex's remote control van crashed through a wall into the lab, she radios John before seeing the van take off. She later attempted to stop John from pursuing Scolex, proclaiming he is not a duty, but he replied that he is 'always on duty.' She is briefly seen, hearing the guru's scream after her former colleague, John accidentally grabbed his groin.



Thelma is an elderly lady with grey hair.


Like a geek from Kansas who became a security guard. (Teasing John about his appearance when asked)

Uh-oh, someone's gonna blame the old lady! (Seeing the remote controlled van, fleeing from the lab)

You're not on duty, Brown! (Trying to stop John from pursuing Scolex)


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