The Ruby
Season 1, Episode 10
Air date September 22, 1983 (US)
October 26, 1984 (UK)
Episode guide
"Race to the Finish"
"A Star is Lost"

"The Ruby" is the 10th episode of the first season of Inspector Gadget.


While riding through Metro City in the Gadgetmobile with Penny and Brain, Gadget receives another assignment from Quimby: He has to go to India to recover a sacred ruby Claw stole to use it to power the laser that can destroy the satellites. Of course, Penny and Brain follow Gadget to India.

In India, Gadget gets himself in a bunch of trouble, such as touching the sacred cow, hitting the statue of Shiva and ending up in jail before managing to escape with the help of a elephant. M.A.D. agents try to get rid of Gadget, but his own dumb luck and Brain's interference stop them. Penny finds a temple which is Claw's hideout and there is a ruby where a M.A.D. scientist is working on the laser powered up by the ruby. Mistaking the fake ruby on Brain's disguise for the real one, Gadget chases Brain to the temple. Claw's monk robots capture Gadget and Claw fires the laser at the inspector, only for Penny to override the monk robots' control, saving her uncle. Gadget finds the laser, but he mistakes it for a telescope and decides to see the satellites through the "telescope". The M.A.D. scientist starts to fire up the laser. To put a stop to Claw's scheme and save her uncle, Penny switches the ruby with the fake one, which causes an explosion.

Before jumping out of the lab by the window, Penny drops the ruby and, after the explosion, it lands in front of Gadget just as Quimby arrives.

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