"Beware of the killer sharks! The sea is their home! And you humans aren't welcome!"
―The prophet[src]
M.A.D. Prophet
M.A.D. Prophet
The M.A.D. Prophet predicting something
AKA Mr. Prophet (by Gadget)
Occupation M.A.D. agent
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Family N/A
Location Volcano Island/Hawaii
Portrayed By Jeri Craden

The M.A.D. Prophet is a character in Inspector Gadget. He is Claw's former top man who only appears in Volcano Island. His role was to use predictions (albeit fake) as a prophet to drive people away from the island, so Dr.Claw can use it as his missile base.


Not much of his personality has been revealed, but it is clear that he is loyal to Dr. Claw. He uses an insane, fake persona of a crazy prophet to convince people that the island is unsafe.


The prophet is an old man wearing a black robe, has grey hair, beard, eyebrows, has lost some of his teeth and holds a prophet's stick. Also, his eyes have a strange ability to flash red and yellow.