The Japanese Connection
Season 1, Episode 30
Air date October 21, 1983
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"Arabian Nights"

"The Japanese Connection" is the 30th episode of the first season of Inspector Gadget.


Penny has left to Japan after winning the Metro City computer contest. While sending a letter to her, Gadget finds Chief Quimby inside the mailbox and receives another assignment: Claw has stolen the Pip-1 chip and went to Japan to team up with the country's enemy Iji-Waruda-san. Gadget has to recover the chip before Claw and Waruda will use it for evil purposes.

On the way to Japan, Waruda's agents try to destroy Gadget, but with Brain protecting him, they fail. Arriving in Japan, Gadget reunites with Penny and meets her new friend Atsuko. After finding out why her uncle is in Japan, Penny goes with Atsuko to Waruda's hideout while Gadget goes to the sports hall, thinking that Waruda might be there since he's a fan of sumo wrestling. The sumo wrestlers, who are Waruda's agents, try to do Gadget in, but with Gadget's dumb luck and Brain's help, they fail.

Meanwhile, Penny sneaks to Waruda's hideout while Atsuko gets back home. Penny finds out that Claw and Waruda are planning to use the chip to power the laser beam and fire it to the satellites, reflecting the beam to valuable goods to make them transported to Waruda's hideout. Penny finds the control room and begins to scan the chip, but she gets captured. Luckily, she has managed to scan the chip and sends the information to Atsuko, who invents the anti-Pip-1 chip and she goes with Brain to Waruda's hideout to rescue Penny. Penny, Brain, and Atsuko switch the Pip-1 chip with the anti one, making the beam go haywire and destroy Waruda's hideout. Claw and Waruda break off their partnership and, before returning home with her uncle and dog, Penny and Atsuko go separate ways, promising to see each other again.

As Penny and Gadget prepare to fly home, Gadget has trouble with his seat belt and decides not to bother.  Brain, dressed as a stewardess, helps him out.  They stress the importance of buckling up to stay safe.


  • It is unknown if Gadget and Brain have Japanese counterparts just like Claw and Penny.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Quimby does not appear to congratulate Gadget.

Full Episode

The Japanese Connection (Full Episode)22:09

The Japanese Connection (Full Episode)

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