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The Invasion
Season Season 1, Episode 17
Air date October 3, 1983 (US)
July 25, 1985 (UK)
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Volcano Island
The Infiltration

"The Invasion" is the 17th episode of Inspector Gadget.


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A quiet night in the Gadget household watching a movie on TV is interrupted by news of UFO sightings across Metro City. Though he's an admitted skeptic of such phenomena, Gadget nevertheless decides to head out and investigate, taking Brain along with him.

Soon, Claw is on his tail and tries to run the inspector off the road and blow him up. Satisfied that he's finished Gadget, Claw heads to the UFO itself ― a M.A.D. flying saucer he's using to first scare away citizens and then loot the city ― to run operations from inside. Gadget survives the M.A.D. Mobile's rockets and soon encounters his first "alien", whom he promptly frisks and handcuffs. Not long after, three M.A.D. agents (dressed as policemen) show up to free the alien and try once again to destroy Gadget. They succeed in their first task, but not their second.

Meanwhile, Penny's school lets out early due to the alien scare and she starts investigating the UFO herself. She no sooner identifies the saucer as a M.A.D. aircraft before she's captured and imprisoned inside. Brain frees her, but now, Gadget is being held prisoner and the UFO is taking off. Having left the saucer and returned to his vehicle, Dr. Claw begins guiding the flying ship out of Metro City ― until Penny, using her computer book to jam his signals and override the UFO's steering mechanisms, deposits the phony saucer right at the steps of police headquarters.


  • The scene from the movie being watched on the TV in the Gadget household is the Abominable Snowbot scene from Winter Olympics.


Inspector Gadget The Invasion20:29

Inspector Gadget The Invasion

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