The Great Divide
Season 1, Episode 34
Air date October 26, 1983
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"The Great Divide" is the 34th episode of the first season of Inspector Gadget.


M.A.D. has abducted a prominent seismologist, who is coerced by Dr. Claw to construct a machine capable of unleashing deadly earthquakes upon the world. Gadget's case takes him deep within the Rocky Mountains, where his misadventures are compounded by a M.A.D. ranger agent and a grizzled, gold-crazed prospector.


  • It is possible that the title of this episode was supposed to be '"Old Man of the Mountain", which better fits the description, but then something happened that caused DiC to mix up this particular title with "The Great Divide".

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The Great Divide (Full Episode)

The Great Divide (Full Episode)