"Boy! Switzerland sure is beautiful."
Coo-Coo Clock Caper
Season 1, Episode 28
Air date October 18, 1983 (US)
September 2, 1986 (UK)
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"The Coo Coo Clock Caper" is the 28th episode of Inspector Gadget.


Inspector Gadget, Penny, and Brain are in Switzerland. They go mountain climbing, unaware that a M.A.D. agent is following them. Gadget decides to climb to the mountain's peak, but he ends up causing an avalanche. Penny and Brain manage to rescue Gadget, but he gets thrown to the other side of the mountain. Gadget meets Chief Quimby there and receives his next assignment: He has to protect the gold in the Swiss gold reserve from Claw's clutches.

When Gadget, Penny, and Brain arrive at the reserve, they find out that the gold has already been stolen. Gadget and Brain go look for the gold while Penny finds out how the M.A.D. agents have managed to steal the gold while the safe's door were still closed. Noticing that his watch is broken, Gadget visits a clock factory, but is unaware that the clockmaker working there is a M.A.D. agent. The M.A.D. clockmaker gives Gadget a watch, but the watch contains a device that will activate all of his gadgets in every hour. At every hour, Gadget's gadgets go haywire because of the watch, but he manages to survive.

Meanwhile, Penny fails to find the gold at any of the clock factories until she reaches the factory her uncle has been before. Penny finds the gold there and finds out that M.A.D. agents are melting it to make them the machine parts. However, Penny gets captured by the M.A.D. clockmaker and put under the hammer that will crush her at 5:00. Gadget and Brain return to the factory, thinking that the clockmaker will know what to do to fix Gadget's gadgets, but he instead chains Gadget to the gears made of the stolen gold to destroy him. Brain rescues Penny while Gadget's gadgets go haywire again, destroying the clockmaker's factory, as Chief Quimby arrives.


  • This is the fourth and final episode where Dr. Claw is voiced by Don Francks.

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Coo-Coo-Clock Caper (Full Episode)

Coo-Coo-Clock Caper (Full Episode)