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"The Capeman Cometh" is the 4th episode of the second season of Inspector Gadget.


The sun rises above Gadget's house and Penny and Brain start the new day with a breakfast. While shaving, Gadget is called by Quimby and, after a faster shaving, goes to the roof. He finds Quimby disguised as a gargoyle and receives another assignment: He has to stop M.A.D. agents from stealing the gold at a national reserve.

On the way to the reserve, Gadget is met by Corporal Capeman, who offers to be his assistant. Gadget rejects his offer, insisting to work alone. After arriving in front of the reserve, Gadget is again met by Capeman and this time, he decides to give him a chance to be his assistant. The M.A.D. agents and the M.A.D. ninja have managed to steal the gold and then lure Gadget to a trap inside the vault. There is a bomb inside the vault and Gadget inadvertently defuses it.

Meanwhile, with Brain's help, Capeman inadvertently manages to stop the M.A.D. agents just as Penny and Quimby arrive, but the M.A.D. ninja manages to escape. Penny, Brain, Quimby, and Capeman then free Gadget from the vault.

Later that night, the ninja sneaks to Gadget's house to destroy him, but he's stopped by the house's gadgets and Capeman.

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