Super Gadget Girl
AKA Super G.G.
Occupation Detective
Gender Female
Race Human-Cyborg
Status Alive
Family Unknown
Location Metro City
Portrayed By N / A
Super Gadget Girl is a character in Gadget and the Gadgetinis. She only appeared in "Meet Super G.G."

In this episode, WOMP builds her to aid Gadget in his missions. Gadget instantly falls in love with her and tries desperatly to impress her. Unlike Gadget, she is completly robotic. However, Claw hacked into her system and turned her evil, which Gadget was totally unaware of, on account of he was too lovestruck. When G.G is returned to normal, she is shut down. It was said that she would take months to repair, leaving poor Gadget heartbroken. 


  • She was most likely based off of G2 from the live action Disney films. 

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