Snakin' All Over
Season 1, Episode 58
Air date November 29, 1983
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"In Seine"

Snakin' All Over is the 58th episode of Inspector Gadget.


Gadget is assigned to stop M.A.D. agent Professor Venom, of whom intends to use his trained snakes to steal a valuable coin collection at the 1st Penny Mansion. Whilst at the mansion, Gadget comes across an old guard wielding a blunderbuss and of whom doesn't want any help guarding the coin collection whatsoever. Also at the mansion, Penny eventually finds Professor Venom's office, the room that the coins have been taken to, and when she is almost caught and her computer book almost smashed, she manages to escape to the attic only to be followed and threatened by three of Venom's snakes. But Penny, being her resourceful and cunning self, manages to take down the venomous creatures a peg or two. Eventually, Gadget and the reluctant old guard arrest Professor Venom, of whom has been attempting to get away with the coins, and Chief Quimby arrives to congratulate Gadget. Gadget tells the chief that he had a little help.

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Snakin' All Over - Full Episode

Snakin' All Over - Full Episode