Samurai Agents
AKA Agents of the Great Samurai
Occupation M.A.D Agents
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Family Unknown
Location Japan
Portrayed By Unknown

"Konnichiwa Gadget-san, but we are obliged to do away with you!"

The Samurai Agents (aka "Agents of the Great Samurai") are the main subordinates of Iji-Waruda-san.  Their only appearance is in The Japanese Connection.


The agents are first seen in Metro City as Gadget is packing for his trip to Japan to surprise Penny, sent by Waruda to eliminate him, even trying to dispose of him while in flight to Tokyo.  In Japan, their first meeting with Gadget face to face is at the baggage claim carrousel at the airport, with Gadget assuming them to be his "welcoming committee" instead of M.A.D agents.

Throughout Gadget's mission, they keep running into him as they try to eliminate him through various means such as blowing him up in a taxi up to Waruda's castle and serving him extra-spicy soup.  They are last seen evacuating the castle after Waruda's Fuji Ray backfires due to Penny and Atsuko's Anti-Pip Chip.


They are loyal to Waruda, yet they are frequently known to bang their heads against objects


The five Samurai Agents are all identical in appearance: skinny with glasses and several hairs on their heads.  They all wear a dark blue ninja costume with Waruda's version of the M.A.D. insignia on the back, black socks and sandals.  Each wears an orange and white bandana tied around their heads.


"Hai! (bangs heads) Ow, ouch, ow, ooo!"

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