Rock Out!
Season 1, Episode 4
RO episode 3
Air date March 27, 2015
Written by Doug Hadders & Adam Rotstein / David Dias
Directed by William Gordon
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Strike A Pose
Rock Out is the fourth episode of Inspector Gadget (2015 TV Series).


Inspector Gadget and Penny are sent to guard international pop star whistler, Nigel St. De La Peppertone III Esquire IV from Talon who's planning to recruit a teen army to take over the city by disguising himself as Nigel and using a special microphone to brainwash the audience.


  • This episode is essentially a remake of the episode, A Star is Lost from the original 1983 series.
  • This the first time outside of the live action Disney film that Gadget is seen as a human and the first time in the animated world that we see him without his hat.