AKA Robo
Occupation Gadget impostor
Gender Male
Race Robot
Status Deceased
Family Unknown
Location Riverton, Ohio
Portrayed By Matthew Broderick
"I'm gonna kick some butt!"

RoboGadget was the quaternary antagonist of Inspector Gadget. He was a completely robotic duplicate of Gadget, created by Claw from his original prototype android Promethyus to be his henchman and destroy the real Gadget.


RoboGadget is created when Doctor Claw deals with the real Inspector and left him for dead. RoboGadget then started a rampage, scaring off innocent bystanders. At one point, He burned a cop's room.

Facing off Inspector Gadget.

RoboGadget first encountered the real Gadget in a car, who both were thrown out. Gadget then inflated and went onto a high spot, and they fight. The real Inspector gadget sprays toothpaste on him and they then fall into some garbage.


They then fight some more. Inspector Gadget decapitates RoboGadget by pulling a cord. RoboGadget's head is then thrown into the sea with his headless body running off, ending the madness. During the credits, RoboGadget's headless body runs into the screen.




Unlike the real and good Gadget, RoboGadget was incredibly evil, mean, cruel, black-hearted, and selfish and he was fitted with devices meant for death, chaos, and destruction; however, he did retain the original's ability to extend his limbs, which could be told apart by his over-sized white teeth.




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