Rick Rocker
Rick Rocker
AKA Rick
Occupation Rock star
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Family Unknown
Location Metro City
Portrayed By N / A
Richard "Rick" Rocker is a character in Inspector Gadget. His only appearance is in A Star is Lost.


Rick Rocker is a famous singer and Penny's idol. Gadget had been assigned to guard Rick, but due to Gadget's ineptness, Rick tries to get away from Gadget thinking he wants to do him in. Eventually, Rick gets kidnapped by M.A.D agents and is taken to Dr. Claw's hideout in where Claw plans to use him to record mind-controlling music. Then, Gadget and Penny come on the scene, in which they, along with Rick, have a close call with a record pressing machine, but Brain manages to save them at the last minute, much to Claw's annoyance. In the end, Rick sings a song for Penny, much to her delight.