"There's nothing like a little racing to stir the blood! Yahoo!"
Race to the Finish
Season 1, Episode 9
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Air date September 21, 1983 (US)
October 19, 1984 (UK)
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"Race to the Finish" is the 9th episode of the first season of Inspector Gadget.


Gadget, Penny, and Brain are on their way to the Metropolis 500 (a parody of the Indianoplis 500) where a car race will take place. Gadget wishes to participate in the race and win the prize. Penny says that Claw may also be trying to win the race, but Gadget doesn't believe it. Then Claw appears in a big truck and traps the Gadget clan inside. After managing to escape, Gadget receives another assignment from Quimby: He has to participate in the car race to stop Claw from winning.

Inspector Gadget enters the Gadgetmobile in the race and Claw sends his M.A.D. agents to damage the participants' cars. While Brain tries to fix them, he gets again chased by Gadget. Penny sneaks to Claw's garage, but gets trapped and knocked out by a knock-out gas. Gadget chases Brain to the garage and ends up stuck in the wall. Penny wakes up and she and Brain help Gadget get out of the wall.

The race begins and several of the participants' cars soon are broken because of Dr. Claw's actions. Gadget and Claw are leading the race. During the break, the M.A.D. agents gives Gadget a drink with some weird substance. After drinking it, Gadget becomes drunk and starts to drive dangerously. Penny saves the day by using her computer book to remote control the Gadgetmobile. Claw turns his M.A.D. Mobile into the jet and wins the race, but he's disqualified for flying out of the track, thus making Gadget the winner. Unfortunately, Quimby inadvertently ruins Gadget's dreams of winning the prize by saying that the Gadgetmobile is on official duty.


  • Frank Welker and Don Francks take turns voicing Dr. Claw in this episode.

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Race To The Finish (Full Episode)

Race To The Finish (Full Episode)