"You there! You owe me a toaster! And you're not even a woman!"
―Gadget to a disguised Brain after his new toaster gets smashed
Quizz Master
Season 1, Episode 65
Air date December 8, 1983 (US)
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"School for Pickpockets"

"Quizz Master" is the 65th and final episode of the first season of Inspector Gadget.


While Penny and Brain watch the new game show Quiz Master, Gadget tries to fix his toaster, but causes a blackout and destroys the toaster. Gadget then receives another assignment from Chief Quimby: M.A.D. is using innocent people to rob the valuable armored cars and he has to protect the armored car shipment. Gadget decides to get his toaster fixed before going to the mission.

Penny then sees that, on the news, Joe Noodle, who won the grand prize on Quiz Master, has robbed the armored car and been arrested. Penny is now suspicious about why Joe would rob the armored car after winning the grand prize on Quiz Master. She thinks there's a connection and goes to the Quiz Master set, only to find out that the other winners also robbed the armored cars. Penny calls Brain to bring Gadget to the TV studio. Brain accidentally destroys Gadget's new-bought toaster and is chased by Gadget to the TV studio.

Penny then finds out that Dr. Claw and the show's host (who is a M.A.D. agent) are running the show and are hypnotizing the winners with the lights in a "Cone of Seclusion" and when anyone says, "Going my way?", the winner becomes hypnotized and begins to do whatever the person says, such as robbing the armored cars.

When Claw finds out that Gadget is in the audience, he sends his agent to eliminate him, but after the agent fails, Claw decides to change plans and put Gadget on the show and make him win so he can be hypnotized to rob the armored cars and be put in prison for 20 years. Penny no sooner discovers the situation before she gets captured and put in a giant glass jar. She manages to escape, however, and goes with Brain to save Gadget, but it is too late: Gadget has entered and won the show (he wins the new toaster, one of the shows prizes), and then enters the Cone of Seclusion where he gets hypnotized. Upon hearing Claw and the hosts say, "Going my way?", Gadget robs the armored car and takes the money to the TV studio. Penny figures out a way to reverse the process and she changes her uncle back to normal and hypnotizes the M.A.D. agent to return the stolen money.

Thinking his car has been misplaced, Gadget asks the hypnotized M.A.D. agent (as well as saying to him, "Going my way?") to drop him off at the police headquarters. The M.A.D agent is then taken into custody and Chief Quimby, as usual, congratulates Gadget.


  • This is the only season 1 episode missing from Magna Pacific's Australian DVD boxsets, which include the other 64 season 1 episodes.

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Quizz Master (Full Episode)