"Quimby Exchange" is the 55th episode of Inspector Gadget.


The episode opens up in police headquarters. Gadget, Penny, and Brain are enjoying a quiet day when Nervous Nick DeFecto, one of the Most wanted M.A.D. Agents comes and asks Gadget where Chief Quimby's office is, to which the inspector tells him it is the last door down the hall and DeFecto thanks him.

Later, at home, Gadget gets a top secret assignment to protect DeFecto from Claw. Gadget heads to police headquarters. Gadget and DeFecto escape, but Chief Quimby is taken hostage by Claw, who takes him to his hideout in the ice factory.

Thinking that Quimby may be there, Gadget and DeFecto arrive in an old factory where M.A.D. agents try to get them, but they fail. The duo arrive at the ice factory, where Claw is holding Quimby hostage. Penny and Brain use their resources to save Gadget, DeFecto, and Quimby. Penny then turns the controls on freeze and freezes Claw, who escapes to fight Gadget another day.

At the end, Gadget talks about train crossing safety: To look out for oncoming trains.


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