In the original cartoon, a public service announcement would be featured at the end of every episode, giving out tips as to how to be safer, to get on in life, and to learn important lessons. Some examples include:

  • Always cover your mouth when sneezing, don't drink out of somebody's glass, and, if you have a cold, use disposable tissues - Gone Went the Wind
  • Never go exploring by yourself - Clear Case
  • Never drink strange drinks before going driving - Race to the Finish
  • Never fly a kite near power lines - Luck of the Irish
  • On an aeroplane, if you're having trouble strapping yourself into your seat, get the stewardess to do it for you - The Japanese Connection
  • Never pet strange animals as they might attack you - In Seine
  • When going on a camping trip, make sure to dress up warm - All That Glitters
  • Never leave things at the top of stairs - The Emerald Duck

Compilation video

Every public service announcment from Series 143:12

Every public service announcment from Series 1

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