Professor Von Slickstein
AKA Professor Von Slickstein
Occupation Scientist
Gender Male
Race probably Irish(2015 reboot)
Status Alive
Family Unknown
Location Metro City
Portrayed By N / A

Professor Von Slickstein is a minor character in Inspector Gadget. He is a brilliant scientist who gave Gadget his gadgets. Von Slickstein first appeared in "The Amazon," in which he was kidnapped by Claw. He returned in the episodes "Tyrannosaurus Gadget", "Gadget's Roma", and "Gadget's Clean Sweep" to help Gadget, Penny, and Brain thwart M.A.D. Agent Thelma Bodkin's schemes in eliminating Gadget's ancestors, though he has a different voice actor and his name is pronounced differently.


Professor Von Slickstein works as a scientist. He sometimes helps Gadget with his missions.


Von Slickstein is extremely intelligent and kind. He is also very protective of his inventions and doesn't want anyone to do anything bad to them.


He is a skinny old man with white hair, a stache, and a lab outift. However, in the new CGI series, he is a young man with orange hair and glasses, which confused many fans of Inspector Gadget and Friends.


  • He's the one who gave the Inspector his gadgets. 


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