180px-pennys watch
Penny has a utility wristwatch that is equipped with an array of systems, including a video communication system linked to Brain's collar, so she can get in contact with him, or she can contact Chief Quimby. Other features include: a laser, magnet, flashlight, sonar signal, jamming system, a system that allows Penny to crack combinations or open certain doors, remote control, and many other things.

Penny talking to Brain on her wristwatch whilst locked inside a cage in the boiler room of a cruise ship.

Anigif original-14161-1425930554-16

Penny cutting her way through a steel door using the laser on her wristwatch.

Penny schoolforpickpockets15

Penny, with one of her hands cuffed to a rail, uses the magnet on her wristwatch to grab a set of keys.


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