In the original cartoon, Penny has a book that is disguised as a functional and usable computer, and usually takes it wherever she goes. She mostly uses it to find out information about villains, wildlife, materials, hieroglyphics, and other things. Penny's computer book also contains a digital map, a jamming system, a hacking system, a remote control system, a laser, and a slot where she can insert a digital camera.

Penny's computer book

The keypads of Penny's computer book.


Penny looking up the meanings of some hieroglyphics on her computer book.


Penny using a digital camera that is connected to her computer book.


Penny using the digital map on her computer book to find her way around inside an Egyptian pyramid.

Penny's computer book

On a plane that is under Dr. Claw's control, Penny uses her computer book to jam the signals and gain control, thus landing the plane safely.


Penny using the laser from her computer book to destroy an ancient weapon.


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