Movie Set
Season 1, Episode 13
Air date September 27, 1983 (US)
June 27, 1985 (UK)
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Movie Set is the 13th episode of Inspector Gadget.


Gadget receives another assignment from Quimby: He has to stop a M.A.D. agent from uncovering military secrets, and this agent is none other than a famous actress named Lana Lamour. Gadget becomes so lovesick that he refuses to believe that Lana can be a M.A.D. agent. He goes to the set of Lana's new movie have a part as an extra so he can be able to talk to Lana and prove that she's innocent. It turns out that Lana really is a M.A.D. agent and she and another agent posing as a director are planning to destroy Gadget. Gadget gets a part in the movie where the agents will kill him.

The shooting for the movie begins. In the first scene, a knight (portrayed by Gadget) fights a black knight, and Brain manages to keep Gadget from harm. In the next scene, Gadget has to save a maiden from a flaming dragon. The maiden is portrayed by Penny (who got captured) and the flaming dragon will burn her down; luckily, Brain comes to the rescue. Throughout the shooting, the camera is pointed to the opposite direction. Penny finds out that the camera is pointed at a military base. Penny finds out that M.A.D. agents have managed to film the military secrets.

Meanwhile, Lana tries to do Gadget in at her trailer, but he inadvertently puts a stop to it. Later, Gadget is filming another scene in which he has to jump from one tower to another tower. The rope is cut and Gadget starts to fall to put full of spines. With Brain's help, Gadget is saved and the M.A.D. agents are arrested when Quimby shows up.


  • The moment in which Penny tells off her Uncle Gadget for being lovesick with Lana Lamour is the only moment in the original series that Penny is angry with her Uncle Gadget.

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