Maryland Claw
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AKA Mummy ( by Dr. Claw)
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Gender Female
Race White
Status Alive
Family Gordon Сlaw (husband)

Dr. Claw (son)
Dr. Thaw (son)
Billy Thaw (grandson)
Talon (grandson)

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Maryland Claw is Dr. Claw's mother. Just like her son's and her husband, she is a criminal mastermind. She also raises her two grandsons, William and Talon. Suprisingly, Claw is willing to take orders from his mother. Unlike her son's, she wears a gray glove with a net instead of a claw.

Her face may have been seen in one episode.

She appears again in the 2015 series episode, A Hole in One. She looks totally different from her appearance in Gadget and the Gadgetinis. In this episode, she aids Claw and Talon in making a sleeping donut recipe, but she only does it so she can get some peace and quiet.