Malicious is a young female character who is a student at Evil University (or Evil U) who eventually becomes Penny's best "frienemy". Her friends call her Mal. She is voiced by the actress Alyson Court.


Malicious is a white teenagers (presumingly the same age as Penny) with has light reddish hear with most of it is tied up. She wears dark purple pants and boots and a dark sleeveless shirt. She is also seen wearing gloves as well has having dark purple nail polish.


As a friend, Malicious is kind and helpful to people she likes. When she doesn't know a person or hates them she can be mean and can unleash her inner villain.

She is also known to secretly have a crush on Talon.


Malicious is a skilled hand to hand combat fighter. Her skills are almost a match for Penny's.

Malicious also has a very powerful and sinister evil laugh


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