Magic Gadget
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date September 14, 1985
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The Great Wambini's Seance

"Magic Gadget" is the 1st episode of the second season of Inspector Gadget.


Gadget receives 3 free tickets from the Lesser Wambini to the magic show of the Great Wambini. Penny checks the Lesser Wambini in her computer book and finds out that he's a M.A.D. agent, but Gadget doesn't believe it. On the way to the magic show, Gadget tells Penny and Brain that the Wambinis are planning to make two bank vaults disappear. Penny and Brain worry that the Wambinis will steal the vaults and their worries prove right: The Wambinis are really M.A.D. agents and they're going to steal the bank vaults.

Before the show, Chief Quimby gives Gadget his new assignment: He has to protect the bank vaults from getting stolen by M.A.D. The show begins and the Great Wambini invites Gadget onstage (of course, to eliminate him). The Great Wambini begins a trick to make the vaults disappear; but the vaults are actually pulled above by two other M.A.D. agents above the stage and they replace the money inside the vaults with the fake ones. The M.A.D. agents drop one vault on Gadget, but Brain saves him. Then the Great Wambini decides to make Gadget disappear. Gadget enters inside a box and, without knowing about it, is turned to the back. The Great Wambini "makes" Gadget switch the boxes and a fake Gadget comes out of the second box. The Wambinis then take Inspector Gadget (still inside the box) to their mansion so they can pull more of their tricks to eliminate him, but Brain makes all of the tricks unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, Penny finds the stolen money in a room where the M.A.D. agents are sleeping. She manages to quietly take the money, but she's unable to carry the heavy bag full of money and trips, waking the M.A.D. agents up. The agents proceed to chase Penny around the mansion. While trying to escape from Gadget, Brain then finds himself chased by the Wambinis. After a call from Penny, Chief Quimby arrives at the mansion to put the M.A.D. agents into custody, but the Wambinis have escaped.