Madison Von Trap is the main antagonist of the 2015 Inspector Gadget episode "She Got Dangerous Game". She is voiced by the actress Julie Lemieux.


Madison Von Trap is an African American adult woman. She wears purple gloves with light purple stripes on them plus a red armband under her right shoulder as well as green pants with black stripes and wears black boots with yellow lacing. She wears a black vest with a red t-shirt that leaves her belly exposed and also has black hair in a mohawk hair style with the front dyed purple. She has large claw shaped earrings along with a upside down triangle necklace and has red and black facing painting around her eyes.

Skills and Weapons

Her personal weapons include her "crossboa", which is a crossbow that fires snake-like arrows which constricts its victims, and a giant, laser-shooting mechanical eagle. She is also an experienced hunter and tracker who is very good at hiding as well agile and swift (due to her ability to jump around on tree limbs).


Considered to be a world-class trapper, she is also a M.A.D. agent, one that Dr. Claw considers to be one of his best. He assigned her with the task of capturing Gadget so that he can take pictures of him positioned in various embarrassing poses. Madison succeeds, though only briefly, as Dr. Claw's jealous nephew, Talon, overrides the computerized eagle using his phone and attempts to sabotage the abduction. This gives Penny a chance to catch up with them, who then puts her own hacking skills to use, causing Gadget to attack MADison with his boxing gloves, foghorn, electric pulse, laser, smoke bomb, dog whistle, and finally, rockets. It is assumed that she is then arrested, as Chief Quimby shows up at the scene just moments later.  

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