M.A.D. in the Moon
Season 2, Episode 14
Air date December 14, 1985
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"M.A.D. in the Moon" is the 14th episode of the second season of Inspector Gadget.


The little identical "doctors" who finish each others' sentences, Null and Void, return to carry out Claw's plans in their second episode.

While enjoying a light show at a local planetarium, Gadget learns that his latest mission will send him back into space, and this time, to the moon. After converting the Gadgetmobile into a lunar vehicle, he is ready to take off for outer space with his assistant Corporal Capeman, but once again reluctantly allows Penny and Brain to tag along once Penny explains that she promised her teacher that she'd "do a report on the moon".

One of Claw's agents fails to "get Gadget" before he boards the space shuttle, but tries again once they've left Earth. Despite having been ejected from the shuttle while in flight by the M.A.D. agent, the inspector (and his party) land safely.

Meanwhile, Null and Void begin planting bombs (disguised as kewpie dolls) over the moon's surface to be detonated together and change the face of the moon into a huge M.A.D. logo that can be seen from the Earth. Inspector Gadget and Corporal Capeman mistake the doll-bombs for "little moon girls" and begin rounding them up, excited at the idea of bringing the presumed extraterrestrial creatures back to Earth. Seconds before they're due to go off as Gadget accuses Null and Void for being rude to the "moon girls", Penny uses an adjustable gravity ray gun to make the dolls float up and explode harmlessly in space like fireworks with Null and Void captured. Dr. Claw then gripes about His plan and His birthday celebration ruined even though Mad Cat tried to celebrate.