Gadget Stub"Inspector Gadget is always on duty!"

The M.A.D. Mobile is Dr. Claw's personal vehicle that he uses to do his evil-bidding, like eliminating Inspector Gadget, etc. It is also often used as an escape vehicle at the end of most episodes when all the other M.A.D. agents get arrested by the police. The Mad mobile transforms into a Rocket car that can go super fast.



This vehicle transforms into 3 different modes:

Rocket Mode

Claw uses this mode to keep up with the gadget mobile but the Gadget Mobile is still a little bit faster. Claw also uses this mode to fly up in to space.

Car mode

Claw often uses this mode to chase after Gadget (who is usually driving in his Gadget van) or navigate the highways without being seen by the police. Claw uses this mode to keep up with the gadget van but the gadget van is just a little bit faster.

Submarine mode

Claw often uses this mode to hide underwater and carry out his evil schemes from there.

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