M.A.D. Cat
Mad Cat
AKA The M.A.D. Cat
Sniffy (in the movie)
Occupation N / A
Gender Male (Female in the films and 2015 series)
Race Cat
Status Alive
Family Dr. Claw (owner)
Location Metro City
Riverton, Ohio (in the live-action films)
Portrayed By Frank Welker)

M.A.D. Cat is an antagonist of Inspector Gadget. He is Dr. Claw's fat pet cat who schemes with him.


He is named after M.A.D., the organization run by his owner, and his species, a cat.


MAD Cat is another way to reinforce the emotions of his owner Dr. Claw. When Claw is pleased, he would snicker or laugh along with him, or for him. If Dr. Claw was annoyed, he would follow through with his terrible yowl. He is Brain's arch-nemesis as well.


Furball is obese and he has dark gray fur with black and white stripes, a white patch on the tip of his tail, and yellow eyes. In Gadget and the Gadgetinis, he is dark gray, has black stripes, and a brown-ish mouth and fatter.


  • In the CGI series and live action films, MAD Cat is a girl, unlike his other appearances which have him as a boy. 
  • He seems to be able to understand English quite well because in "Launch Time," he takes instructions from Dr. Claw and operates the controls of the M.A.D. Mobile (firing a missile).
  • M.A.D. Cat appears in the live-action movies as a white Persian cat. Both films feature him as a female. 
  • Polish name is Szalejot.


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