AKA The Great Samurai
Occupation N / A
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Family Unknown
Location Tokyo, Japan
Portrayed By Greg Duffell (Voice)

Iji-Waruda-san is a character in Inspector Gadget. He only appeared in "The Japanese Connection."


Coming soon!


Waruda is the leader of M.A.D. operations in Japan (his variation of the insignia is in the style of a Samurai war helmet). He has his own set of agents that do his bidding for him, his main subordinates are known as the "Samurai Agents".

When Gadget goes to visit Penny in Tokyo, Waruda sends his agents to eliminate him much like Dr. Claw does but are defeated mostly through Gadget's bumbling. At the same time, he and Claw meet to use the Pip-1 computer chip Claw has delivered for use in Waruda's Fuji Ray in order to rob the world of its valuables. Their partnership is dissolved when the ray backfires after the chip is switched with the fake one Penny's new friend Atsuko designed.


Waruda's personality is similar to that of Dr. Claw's, yet he is fiercely loyal to Japanese customs and traditions. As such, he is more patient than Dr. Claw. He is especially fond of sumo wrestling and entertains his guests with televised matches and a full Japanese feast.


Waruda is similar in appearance to Dr. Claw with only his hands visible - black tinted with orange - however, a patch of clothing can be seen in the style of a Samurai warrior. He has a black and orange cat that looks exactly like M.A.D. Cat.


  • Patience, Dr. Claw, patience.
  • Your Pip Chip is useless!  You destroyed my Fuji Ray, you crabface Claw!


  • some fans think he is Dr. Claw's Cousin Or Clawsin

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