"Today, Nanook! Tomorrow, Metro City!"
―Dr. Claw
Gone Went the Wind
Season 1, Episode 39
Air date November 2, 1983
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"Gone Went the Wind" is the 39th episode of the first season of Inspector Gadget.


In his laboratory on North Pole, a mad M.A.D. scientist named Dr. Focus has invented Sneezooka, a weapon that can destroy everything with its sneeze. Focus tests his weapon on a Nanook village and succeeds, but he's shocked to see that one building is still standing.

While shopping, Gadget gets another assignment from Chief Quimby: He has to go to North Pole to find out what's going on there and meet Chief Nuketop there for more information. A M.A.D. agent gives Gadget some snow equipment that contains explosives to prevent him from going to North Pole. Finding out what's going on, Penny and Brain follow Gadget to North Pole.

Arriving in North Pole, Gadget accidentally throws out the explosives before they explode. Gadget meets Chief Nuketop, who gives him information about Dr. Focus and his weapon Sneezooka. The weapon has destroyed the Nanook village and the next target will be Metro City. On the way to Focus' lab, Inspector Gadget gets hit by snow blindness. Because of snow blindness, Gadget mistakes the M.A.D. Trapper (who blew a horn sounding like a moose to cause an avalanche to destroy Gadget) as a moose and the polar bear for Santa Claus. With Brain's help, Gadget is still alive.

Meanwhile, Penny finds Focus' lab and finds out how Sneezooka works. She is soon captured, and her coat is taken from her but she manages to escape and finds the Sneezooka's main computer. Focus begins to fire Sneezooka at Metro City, but Penny has plugged her computer book to the weapon's main computer and overrode its controls, saving Metro City. as Dr. Focus attempted to escape He crashes in Gadget, and Quimby arrives to arrest Dr. Focus as Chief Nuketop gives Gadget goggles that can help him cure from snow blindness.


  • The episode title is a spoof of the 1939 film "Gone With The Wind".

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Gone Went The Wind (Full Episode)

Gone Went The Wind (Full Episode)