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Two pictures of the Gadgetmobile in its police car mode

The Gadgetmobile, also spelled the Gadget Mobile, is Gadget's trusty car that he uses when he is on his cases in nearly every Normal episode of Inspector Gadget. It is a 1983 Toyota Supra that has all sorts of gadgets in it.

In the Inspector Gadget film series, it is a talking male car with its own personality and mind. In Inspector Gadget 2, the

the normal mode

Gadgetmobile is given a new look as a purple color instead of his former white color. The Gadget mobile fliess in only one episode Inspector Gadget, which is Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas 1991.


This vehicle transforms into 2 different modes:

Van mode

Gadget uses this mode when he is usually out on a family trip somewhere with Penny and Brain.(like the airport)The van is pretty fast and it's a little bit faster than the M.A.D. mobile.

Police car mode

Gadget uses this mode to solve his cases in. Unlike its van mode, this mode is much faster. This mode has things like a robotic claw at the front to grab things with and some "hilarious gas" (which come out from the back), etc. The Gadget mobile can also fly and the mad jet goes up in to outer space.

Behind the scenes

In the animated cartoons, the police car mode closely resembled early Toyota Supra models, but also resembles closely to a DeLorean, and the cars Gadget used in the live action films were based on Lincoln Continental sedans of the early 1960s. In the 2015 reboot, the Gadgetmobile resembles a Fiat 500, and can also transform into a race car that looks a bit like a Porsche in the front.


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