"Wow, Uncle Gadget! Why didn’t you tell me we where going to the circus?”
“I thought I’d suprise you, Penny. I have a little top secret business to take care of here, but it shouldn’t take all day.
― Penny and Gadget
Gadget at the Circus
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date September 14, 1983 (US)
September 14, 1984 (UK)
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"Gadget at the Circus" is the 4th episode of the first season of Inspector Gadget.


Though he has some "top secret business" to take care of, Gadget doesn't expect it will take too long and brings Penny and Brain along to enjoy a day at the circus.

After receiving his assignment from Quimby, Gadget joins the circus as a clown, hoping to ferret out any M.A.D. agents working there. Penny immediately suspects the ringmaster, and with good reason: He's getting his orders directly from Claw himself (based this time in a gaily-decorated circus wagon). Along with his assistant (a grotesque-looking clown), the ringmaster tries to eliminate Gadget through a violent clown routine, a dangerous lion-taming act, a sabotaged trapeze performance, and a finale of "death-defying" stunts staged intentionally to not defy death. Penny takes abreast of things and makes sure Brain is there at every turn to keep Gadget out of harm's way, and the inspector's final stunt succeeds in capturing the two M.A.D. circus performers just as the police arrive.

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Gadget At The Circus (Full Episode)

Gadget At The Circus (Full Episode)


  • Just after Penny is caught snooping around the Ringmaster's trailer, Mad Cat's nose goes from gray to black for a few seconds then back to gray again.