Gadget and the Red Rose
Season 2, Episode 26
Air date February 1, 1986
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"Gadget and the Red Rose" is the 26th and final episode of the second season and final episode overall of Inspector Gadget.


Gadget and Capeman have created Gadzooka, a gun that fires corrosive sour cream pellets. Meanwhile, Claw learns about the Red Rose, a notorious tommy gun made by Spuds Malone, a Depression-era gangland criminal who's now the head chef of the 'Ol Bad Guys & Gals Retirement Home. Red Rose used potatoes as ammunition to fire off rancid potato sludge and gases at its hapless victims. Feeling that the Red Rose may be useful to eliminate Gadget, Claw has his old mentor Less Renowned to bring Spuds out of retirement. It turns out that Gadget (who was still a baby) once witnessed and escaped certain harm during one of Malone's last gang wars during the St. Patrick's Day Massacre. This makes Spuds to take the job and he, along with his gang mates Tater and Knuckles (originally named Fingers), goes out to search for Red Rose, but he can't remember where he left it.

Later on, Chief Quimby assigns Gadget to catch Spuds and Red Rose. Gadget and Capeman head to the 'Ol Bad Guys and Gals Retirement Home to find Spuds. Knowing that Gadget didn't recognize him, Spuds tells him that "Spuds" is in the kitchen at the retirement home. Spuds has set up a "potato" trap there to do Gadget in, but Gadget's own dumb luck and the kitchen destroyed by Capeman using Gadzooka save him from harm. In the city, Spuds and his gang try to find Red Rose, but the places that Spuds thought where Red Rose might be have been rebuilt into a hotel, rose garden, or a market.

In the meantime, Spuds and his goons also continue trying to eliminate Gadget, but they fail with Gadget's own dumb luck and Brain on the way. A blow on the head makes Spuds remind where he left Red Rose: 'Ol Bad Buys & Gals Retirement Home. Spuds and his gang ride on a truck there, but Gadget and Capeman follow them in a taxi cab, with Brain in the trunk. Meanwhile, Penny has found Red Rose with her computer book and has overrode its controls with a remote control. Once reunited with Red Rose, Spuds starts firing it at Gadget and Capeman, but Penny saves the day by using the remote control to jam Red Rose, making it explode. Chief Quimby then arrives to take Spuds into custody while Dr. Claw escapes.