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Gadget Stub"Inspector Gadget is always on duty!"

"Gadget and Old Lace" is the 20th episode of the second season of Inspector Gadget.


Gadget receives a top secret watch. He then receives another assignment from Quimby: M.A.D. is hiding some strange weapons in one of the houses and he has to find out.

Meanwhile, Claw has Less Renowned to hire two female retired criminals named Sadie and Viola to destroy Gadget. The girls pretend to be Gadget's fan club and invite him for a cup of tea. They borrow some weapons from the old women who work for M.A.D. They then set out a trap for Gadget at the front door. After accepting the invitation, Gadget arrives at Sadie and Viola's place and is protected by Brain from the trap at the front door. Sadie and Viola make a tea for Gadget, which has some deadly ingredients. This also fails because of Brain's interference. After a call from Brain, Penny arrives at the place. Sadie and Viola then take Gadget out for a picnic and they try to destroy him by helping fix their car so he could be spinned to death, but this also fails. While driving through a bridge, Sadie and Viola catapult Gadget out of their car, but he falls back.

Meanwhile, Penny finds the strange weapons at the house and she also sees the old women working for Claw. During a picnic, Gadget, Sadie, and Viola play Blind Man's Bluff. Blindfolded, Gadget falls off a cliff, but Brain rescues him. After returning home, the girls give Gadget a chicken for dinner, which turns out to be the electric chicken and it shocks Gadget. Brain saves the day by unplugging the chicken from the power. Quimby arrives in the nick of time to arrest Sadie, Viola, and the old M.A.D. women.

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