"Gadget Meets the Grappler" is the 9th episode of the second season of Inspector Gadget.


Professor Doomkauf unveils his new creature: The Grappler, a huge and strong beast. The Grappler can do anything his master says, such as getting rid of Inspector Gadget in exchange for tidbits, his favorite food.

At Gadget's house, the inspector receives another assignment from Quimby: He has to stop another M.A.D. plot to destroy him during his trip on Oriental Express. The Grappler arrives at Gadget's house, but the inspector thinks he's a cleaning man. Figuring out that tidbits are the Grappler's weakness, Penny tries to use tidbits to get his attention.

Posing as Chief Quimby, Professor Doomkauf calls Gadget to Oriental Express. Gadget takes the Grappler along and Brain is following them to keep Gadget safe. Doomkauf makes the Oriental Express leave earlier than planned. Grappler is still trying to finish Gadget off at the train, but his own clumsiness and Brain's interference put a stop to it. This also gets the last car separated from the train and heading straight at Penny and Capeman, who were riding at a cart. Capeman accidentally switches tracks, saving Penny and himself from harm, and they get to the train. Doomkauf is about to capture Penny, but Capeman inadvertently stops him. Gadget is then thrown out of the train and lands in a cart that Quimby is riding. At the train, Penny, Brain, and Capeman are attacked by the Grappler. Capeman is thrown out of the train and lands in Gadget and Quimby's cart. Penny uses her computer book to break Claw's connection with the Grappler. As he strikes again, Penny convinces the Grappler to be good in exchange for a jolly, thus foiling Claw's Gadget-eliminating attempt once again.


  • The engine on the train is a 4-8-4 or a Japanese type steam locomotive. These types of engines have sixteen wheels (four leading wheels, eight driving wheels, and four trailing wheels) and were used most common on Japanese railroads.

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