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"Gadget Meets the Clan" is the 19th episode of the second season of Inspector Gadget.


After a botched robbery of a tribute to Inspector Gadget at an international police convention lands two of his M.A.D. agents in jail, a frustrated Claw gets in touch with his "teacher" Less Renowned, an elderly hood who sounds something like a cross between Ronald Reagan and Johnny Carson. Claw complains to Renowned about the shortage young, talented criminals and puts out a $10 million contract on Gadget's head. Renowned refers him to the G.G.G. (The Great, Great Godfather), a former mob boss who's now retired and living with his 5 sons in a quiet luxury. Following a brief meeting, the wheelchair-ridden mafia don strikes a deal with Claw and promises to get rid of the clueless inspector.

Soon, Gadget unwittingly accepts an invitation from the G.G.G. and his sons to go fishing and is quickly dispatched to the sea with an anchor attached to his foot. Brain rescues his master, and saves him yet again when the mob boss and his sons try to off him at a restaurant. A construction site ends up being the location for the final showdown, with Gadget unknowingly taking on all that the G.G.G.'s boys can dish out and throwing it back at them. The Great Great Godfather finally admits defeat and is wheeled off to jail with nothing but respect for Inspector Gadget.

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