Gadget Goes West
Season 1, Episode 25
Air date October 13, 1983 (US)
August 12, 1986 (UK)
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"Gadget Goes West" is the 25th episode of Inspector Gadget.


While in a supermarket, Gadget receives another assignment from Quimby: He has to stop M.A.D. from stealing money at a tourist western town. If the money is stolen, the town will be sold and Claw will buy it.

A M.A.D. agent named Rattlesnake Bart steals the money and escapes, but is forced by Claw to get back as Gadget is arriving at the town. After hiding the money in a saloon, Bart tries to destroy Gadget, but Brain stops him.

Meanwhile, because of not paying attention to class because of thinking about Brain keeping Gadget out of danger, Penny is forced by her teacher Miss Blockentackle to do the pages from 20 to 300 for tomorrow's class. After a call from Brain, Penny is forced to leave her homework behind to help her uncle solve the case.

After arriving at the town, Penny sees Bart trying to recover the stolen money, but gets captured. Gadget then brings Brain to the sheriff. Brain manages to escape and, while running away from Gadget, frees Penny. Chasing the dog, Gadget stops to greet Penny, but doesn't recognize her as she's wearing a costume.

Meanwhile, Bart escapes on a stagecoach with the money to a spot where he'll meet Claw. Gadget then goes after the stagecoach because Brain is there. Brain fixes up the mechanical system of the stagecoach so Penny can override its controls with her computer book. It works and the stagecoach turns around from the meeting spot to the town. Unfortunately, the stagecoach is riding too fast and it might hit Quimby, who has just arrived. A quick dodge saves Quimby from harm and the stagecoach crashes into the sheriff's office. Chief Quimby congratulates Gadget for a job well done and the sheriff awards Gadget a honorary substitute sheriff while Claw, as usual, makes his escape.


  • This is the third of the four episodes where Dr. Claw is voiced by Don Francks.

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Gadget Goes West (Full Episode)

Gadget Goes West (Full Episode)