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Gadget Stub"Inspector Gadget is always on duty!"

The Gadget Coat, or the Inflatable Coat, was one of many gadgets used by Inspector Gadget. His trench coat inflates when he pulls one of its buttons and enables him to float — in water or in the sky. It is almost always deflated by being punctured, causing him to shoot through the sky as the air is released before falling from a great height. Brain has activated the Gadget Coat by pulling one of the buttons from time to time in order to save Gadget.


  • In "Winter Olympics," Gadget calls it the Gadget Blimp.
  • In "Movie Set," Gadget calls it the Gadget Raincoat.
  • The Gadget Coat can be activated without pulling one of the buttons, as seen in "Fang the Wonder Dog."
  • In the 1999 live-action film, the Gadget Coat is referred as the Gadget airbag.
  • The Gadget Coat is also seen in the intro.


Gadget Coat

Go Go Gadget Coat.


Go Go gadget raincoat.

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