Gadget 2.0
Season 1, Episode 1
Gadget 2.0
Air date March 27, 2015(US)
February 7 2015(Poland)
Written by Doug Hadders & Adam Rotstein
Directed by William Gordon & Phillip Stam
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Gadget 2.0 is the first episode of Inspector Gadget (2015 TV Series).


Lt. Gadget has finally defeated the evil Dr. Claw and frozen him in an iceberg in the Arctic north. However, his evil nephew Talon thaws him out and infiltrates HQ, posing as an agent in training. Meanwhile, Penny has become an agent in training and now has Brain as her assistant. The Chief then calls her to meet Talon, who is the agency's new recruit and Penny instantly falls in love with him. When Penny finds out Claw is back, she decides to put her Uncle Gadget back on the beat to find Claw's claw, because he's gonna use it to destroy HQ. When Talon reveals his true intentions after finding out where Claw's claw is, it's now up to Penny to stop MAD, with help from the amazing Inspector Gadget of course.


  • Claw was frozen in an iceberg, similar to his equally evil brother, Dr. Thaw.
  • Penny is now 15 years old in this seires.
  • It is never revealed exactly how long Claw was frozen.
  • Penny's computer book is now replaced with a holographic tablet called a 'Codex'.
  • The Chief doesn't give Gadget any messages in this episode.
  • Claw seems to have lost some of his intelligence in this series and acts like Dr. Draken from Kim Possible.
  • In Polish version is Gadżet nowej generacji it mean Gadget next generation.

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