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"Gadget's Roma" is the 17th episode of the second season of Inspector Gadget.


Gadget, Penny, and Brain are sent back to the past again, but this time, to ancient Rome to prevent Claw's time-traveling agent Thelma Bodkin from decoding an ancient mosaic and stealing the treasure it describes.

Arriving at the Coliseum, the trio soon meet Gadget's Roman ancestor. Identical in looks to his 20th century descendant Gadgetorum, a slave, wears gloves and a hat, though in place of a trench coat, pants, and shoes, he's outfitted in a simple slave toga and sandals. Gadget has arrived at a critical time: His ancestor is about to be thrown to the lions and now, he must join him. In an unusual display of adeptness (and with a little help from Brain), the inspector saves himself and Gadgetorum before flying out of the Coliseum and into the clutches of two M.A.D. agents. They offer the Gadgets a free tour of Rome that ends with the two relatives being thrown into a fast-moving waterway. Gadget and Gadgetorum emerge unscathed in a Roman bath for women and they quickly charm the occupants.

Meanwhile, Penny has unraveled the mosaic's secret and searches the catacombs beneath Rome for the treasure. Behind a secret door, she finds it: A scroll and a small bag of coins. Quickly pocketing the gold, Penny no sooner reseals the chamber before Bodkin finds it, pries open the door, and makes off with the scroll. Outside, Gadget and his ancestor are picked up again by Claw's goons who enter them in a chariot race. Despite some M.A.D. foul play, the two Gadgets win the race. With just minutes to spare, Gadget, Penny, Brain, and Gadgetorum head back to the time machine. There, Penny presents Gadgetorum with the bag of gold to buy his freedom out of slavery, as well as a copy of what the scroll contained ― a recipe for Veal Scaloppini ― and encourages him to open a restaurant. Claw, of course, is livid when he realizes that not only did all attempts on the Gadgets' lives fail, but the treasure of Roma is nothing, but a recipe (albeit a good one) for Italian food.

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