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Gadget Stub"Inspector Gadget is always on duty!"

thank goodness she didn't take away my watch too

"Gadget's Gadgets" is the 6th episode of the second season of Inspector Gadget.


Gadget is still training Capeman. The training is cut short by both Gadget's new assignment and Penny's computer book's signal. The assignment: M.A.D. is planning to destroy Gadget's gadgets and he has to stop them. The signal: Two M.A.D. agents posing as doctors have arrived in a ambulance to take Gadget. They make Capeman hurt and take him and Gadget to their phony hospital, with Penny and Brain in tow.

At the hospital, the M.A.D. agent Dr. Noodleman and his goons try to destroy any of Gadget's gadgets and also get rid of Capeman. If it wasn't for Brain and both Gadget and Capeman's interference, it would've been all over for Gadget and Capeman.

Meanwhile, Penny gets captured by the M.A.D. nurse. Penny's computer book is locked in a safe, but she has her computer watch, which is useful to break the safe's combination. Another failed attempt to destroy Gadget's gadgets gets Capeman thrown out of the hospital and land near Quimby. After successfully getting her computer book out of the safe, Penny uses it to activate Gadget's inflatable coat to escape and then to help Quimby and Capeman get to the hospital. Noodleman breaks down with the thought that Gadget's gadgets are indestructible and he and his goons are arrested.

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