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Gadget Stub"Inspector Gadget is always on duty!"

There are several gadgets inside his fingers, accessed by taking the end off his finger to expose the gadget. In both incarnations, these include a flashlight, skeleton key, laser, pen, screwdriver, drill bit, snow gun, corkscrew, water pistol, whistle, balloon inflator, bubble blower (a bubble wand blows bubbles without the need for any sort of wind), breath freshener (a breath spray sprays from Gadget's pinky finger), lighter (a lighter lights within Gadget's thumb), pez dispenser, scissors (a pair of scissors pop out from Gadget's finger). It can snip itself through a spring mechanism and toothpaste (toothpaste squirts from Gadget's finger. Gadget once covered himself and Brenda with more than a gallon of toothpaste when learning how to use his new body).

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