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"Fang the Wonder Dog" is the 63rd episode of Inspector Gadget.


Penny is upset to hear news of a kidnapping attempt an canine movie star called Fang the Wonder Dog on TV, but her uncle Gadget is much less concerned ― he's never even heard of dogs. Things change when he's soon assigned to protect him.

Gadget arrives at the movie studio where Fang's pictures are made and watches Miles Millions, Fang's flamboyant director, film a scene ― when the dog is stolen right from under their noses. Gadget sets off across the studio in search of the dog, but it's Penny who finds him being held captive in a ghost town set. She's unable to rescue him though: Two M.A.D. agents stand guard over the dog. However, one of them soon leaves ― Claw has ordered him to take care of Gadget. But his numerous efforts ― in and around various sets around the studio ― are in vain: As usual, a combination of Gadget's own dumb luck and Brain's timely interventions not only keeps him free from harm, it also keeps him completely oblivious to the dangers around him.

Meanwhile, the remaining M.A.D. agent brings the unconscious pooch to a burning building set, where he hopes to collect ransom money in exchange for the animal. Having recovered from the effects of knock-out gas, Fang wakes up and chases the agent off. He soon returns wielding a flame thrower to intimidate the dog. The plan backfires and he flees the building again, but not before accidentally setting the building on fire. Claw orders both of the men back in the building to get the dog, but it's too late ― Fang's jumped off the building into the safety of a water tank below; and cornered by Gadget, the M.A.D. agents see no other alternative, but to follow suit and jump, too ― right into police custody.

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